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Goshen Post Codes & Zip Codes List

Location City/District States or Territories States or Territories Abbrieviation Postcode
Fort Laramie Albany Wyoming WY 82212
Hawk Springs Albany Wyoming WY 82217
Huntley Albany Wyoming WY 82218
Jay Em Albany Wyoming WY 82219
Lagrange Albany Wyoming WY 82221
Lingle Albany Wyoming WY 82223
Torrington Albany Wyoming WY 82240
Veteran Albany Wyoming WY 82243
Yoder Albany Wyoming WY 82244




Wyoming state is a landlocked state within the western part of the united state . Wyoming state is one of the  largest state by area. Wyoming state is also the smallest populous and least densely populated state within the united state. Wyoming state population when census was conducted  was estimated at 578,759 in 2019. In Wyoming state the capital is called Cheyenne. Cheyenne is the most populous city in Wyoming state, Cheyenne had an estimated population of 63,957 when census was taken in 2018.




In Wyoming state the people that voted approved the document  November 5 , in the year 1889, by a vote of 6,272 to 1,923. The Bills for Wyoming statehood were introduced in both the House and U.S. Senate  in month of December, 1889. The House then passed the bill in the month of March 27, 1890. It was President Harrison that signed Wyoming's statehood bill, making Wyoming the 44th state.


Facts about Wyoming State




1. Wyoming’s license plates feature a person on a bronco .




2. Wyoming was the primary state to offer women the proper to vote.




3. Yellowstone is that the first official park (1872)




4. Devils Tower was designated because the first memorial (1906)




5. The city of Gillette has the most important highschool within the state (Campbell County High School)




6. The first coalpit in Wyoming was in Carbon in 1867




7. The largest coalpit within the USA is Black Thunder located near Wright.




8. Wyoming State leads the country in coal production in the year 1994 with 3 million tons per week




9. The JCPenney stores were started in Kemmerer.




10. In Wyoming State the first resort in Wyoming state was the Eaton Ranch, near Wolf. The Eaton’s also came up with the name “dude”




11. The Horse on the Wyoming state  car place features a name, “Old Steamboat”. it's named after a bronc that would not be ridden back within the oughts or the teenagers .




12. Wyoming has rock bottom population of all 50 United State.




The Flag of  Wyoming state




The flag of Wyoming State consists of the silhouette of an American bison. In Wyoming state the red symbolizes the Native Americans and therefore the blood of pioneers who gave their lives. The white may be a symbol of purity and uprightness.




Bison, adopted Wyoming's State Mammal on the month of February 23, 1985, and it is the largest terrestrial animal in North America, where it's common name known is buffalo.


Sales tax



The Wyoming (WY) state nuisance tax rate is currently 4%. counting on local municipalities, the entire rate are often as high as 6%.