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Bryan Post Codes & Zip Codes List

Location City/District States or Territories States or Territories Abbrieviation Postcode
Mead Adair Oklahoma OK 73449
Durant Adair Oklahoma OK 74701
Durant Adair Oklahoma OK 74702
Achille Adair Oklahoma OK 74720
Albany Adair Oklahoma OK 74721
Bennington Adair Oklahoma OK 74723
Bokchito Adair Oklahoma OK 74726
Caddo Adair Oklahoma OK 74729
Calera Adair Oklahoma OK 74730
Cartwright Adair Oklahoma OK 74731
Colbert Adair Oklahoma OK 74733
Hendrix Adair Oklahoma OK 74741
Kemp Adair Oklahoma OK 74747
Kenefic Adair Oklahoma OK 74748
Platter Adair Oklahoma OK 74753




Oklahoma a state within the South Central region of the us , bordered by the state of Texas on the south and west, Kansas on the north, Missouri on the northeast, Arkansas also on the east, New Mexico reside on the west, and Colorado on the northwest. Considered Partially within the western extreme of the Upland South, we have the 20th most extensive therefore it is the 28th most populous of the 50 states in the U.S. The people of Oklahoma are referred to as Oklahomans (or as colloquially "Okies"), and Oklahoma City is the capital and the largest city.

Facts about Oklahoma State

Will Rogers was born on an outsized ranch within the Cherokee Nation that's today Oologah, Oklahoma. Rogers became a nationally known cowboy because the star of radio programs, Broadway plays, 71 movies within the 1920s and ‘30’s. He was also a featured columnist, writing quite 4,000 syndicated articles.

The world’s first timer was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935.

In Bristow, Oklahoma it's against the law to serve water to a customer during a restaurant unless one peanut during a shell is additionally served. the results for this “serious” offense may result during a fine of up to 5 dollars.

Vinita, Oklahoma was the primary town within the state to possess electricity. it's also the oldest incorporated town within the state.

Fortresses Of America

The Oklahoma State Capitol is that the only capitol within the world surrounded by working oil wells. Not too a few years ago, giant oil rigs dotted the grounds of the Oklahoma capitol.

If you play catch within the streets of Bartlesville, you’re breaking the law.

Per area unit , Oklahoma has the foremost tornadoes of all U.S. states.

Sylvan N. Goldman of Humpty Dumpty Stores and Standard Food Markets invented the primary handcart in order that people could buy more during a single visit to the grocery. He made known his creation in Oklahoma City on June 4, 1937.If you wear NY Jets in Ada, Oklahoma, you'll be jailed.

Boise City, Oklahoma was the sole city within the us to be bombed during war II. On the month of July 5, 1943, at approximately 12:30 a.m., a B-17 Bomber based at Dalhart Army air station (50 miles to the south of Boise City) dropped six practice bombs on the sleeping town.

Whaling is against the law within the state of Oklahoma.

In Ponca City, a tornado once picked up a house with a person and his wife still in it. Although the walls and roof were blown out, the ground remained intact and eventually glided downward, setting the couple safely back on the bottom.

In Tulsa, you'll not open a pop bottle without the supervision of a licensed engineer.


The economy of Oklahoma is that the 29th largest within the us. Oklahoma's gross state product (GSP) is calcuted approximately $197.2 billion as of the month of December 2018.

Economy of Oklahoma.


GDP rank 29th (2016)

GDP growth 4.2% (2018)

GDP per capita $43,449(2017)

GDP by sector Agriculture 1% Industry 27% Services 72%


Oklahoma Demographics

Native American: 7.52% Black or African American: 7.35% Other race: 2.72% Asian: 2.13%

Sales Tax


The Oklahoma (OK) state nuisance tax rate is currently 4.5%. counting on local municipalities, the entire rate are often as high as 11.5%. Other, local-level tax rates within the state of Oklahoma are quite complex compared against local-level tax rates in other states.