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Elko Post Codes & Zip Codes List

Location City/District States or Territories States or Territories Abbrieviation Postcode
Elko Churchill Nevada NV 89801
Elko Churchill Nevada NV 89802
Elko Churchill Nevada NV 89803
Spring Creek Churchill Nevada NV 89815
Carlin Churchill Nevada NV 89822
Deeth Churchill Nevada NV 89823
Jackpot Churchill Nevada NV 89825
Jarbidge Churchill Nevada NV 89826
Lamoille Churchill Nevada NV 89828
Montello Churchill Nevada NV 89830
Mountain City Churchill Nevada NV 89831
Owyhee Churchill Nevada NV 89832
Ruby Valley Churchill Nevada NV 89833
Tuscarora Churchill Nevada NV 89834
Wells Churchill Nevada NV 89835
West Wendover Churchill Nevada NV 89883


Description of Nevada State

Nevada state is one of the states in the Western United States. The border in Nevada state is by the Oregon side to the northwest, Idaho to the northeast, Arizona to the southeast, California to the west, and Utah to the east.


Nevada state is ranked as one of  the '7th' most extensive state. Also Nevada state is known as one of  the 'least populous state, and the least densely populated of the U.S. states.  

 Nevada state is officially known as the "Silver State" because of the known importance of silver to its history and economy. Nevada state is also known as the "Battle Born State" because it has achieved statehood during the Civil War (the words "Battle Born" also appear on their state flag); as the "Sagebrush State" Nevada state is  known as native plant of the state; and also as the 'Sage-hen State'. The meaning of that name 'snow covered' is in Spanish, which is referring to Nevada's small overlap with the Sierra Nevada mountain range; however, the rest of Nevada state is largely desert and semi arid, much of it is within the Great Basin.


In Nevada state the area south of the Great Basin are within the Mojave Desert, while Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada lie on the western edge. In Nevada state approximately 86% of the state's land is been managed by various jurisdictions of the U.S. federal government, both civilian and military.


Nevada state is entirely in the axis of the Basin and Range Province and is broken up by many north–south mountain ranges. In Nevada state Most of these ranges have valleys (endorheic)between them, which belies the image portrayed by the Great Basin axis.


The Humboldt River crosses the state of Nevada from east to west across the northern part of the state, draining into the Humboldt Sink near Lovelock. Knowing that there are Several rivers drain from the Sierra Nevada eastward, including the Walker, Truckee, and Carson rivers. All of these rivers located in Nevada are endorheic basins, ending in Walker Lake, Pyramid Lake, and in the Carson Sink, respectively.


However, it is noted that not all of Nevada state is within the Great Basin. In Nevada state the tributaries of the "Snake River" drain the far north, while the Colorado River, which also forms much of the boundary with Arizona, drains much of the southern Nevada.


Much of the northern part of the state is located within the Great Basin, a mild desert place that experiences hot temperatures in the summer and the cold temperatures in the winter. Occasionally, moisture from the Arizona Monsoon will bring about summer thunderstorms; Pacific storms may cover the area with snow.




It is been observed that Nevada state's highest recorded temperature was 125 °F (52 °C) in Laughlin (elevation of 605 feet or 184 meters) on (June 29, 1994). The coldest recorded temperature was observed at −52 °F (−47 °C) set in San Jacinto in 1972, in the northeastern portion of the state.


Tax Rate


The Nevada (NV) state sales tax rate is currently seen at 4.6%. All depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as very high as 8.265%.


Medicaid is a medical but optional medical coverage program that the states elect to provide to their residents. In Nevada, the households living there are with annual incomes of up to (138%) of the federal poverty level may qualify for Medicaid. This is amount to $16,753 per year for an individual, or $34,638 per year for a family of 4.


Solid cobalt blue field. The flag of the U.S. state of Nevada carries a cobalt blue field with a variant of the state's emblem in the upper left hand corner.


Nevada Animal


Desert Bighorn Sheep(Nevada Animal)


The animal known as the Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) is the actually designated as the official state animal of the State of Nevada. InSep 8, 2017