City or Place

Big Horn Post Codes & Zip Codes List

Location City/District States or Territories States or Territories Abbrieviation Postcode
Busby Beaverhead Montana MT 59016
Crow Agency Beaverhead Montana MT 59022
Decker Beaverhead Montana MT 59025
Garryowen Beaverhead Montana MT 59031
Hardin Beaverhead Montana MT 59034
Fort Smith Beaverhead Montana MT 59035
Lodge Grass Beaverhead Montana MT 59050
Pryor Beaverhead Montana MT 59066
Saint Xavier Beaverhead Montana MT 59075
Wyola Beaverhead Montana MT 59089


Montana State Description

Montana state is a state  located in the Northwestern parts of the United States.. Montana state is one of the largest state  by area in the United States, and also one of the least populous state. Montana state is one of the densely populated state in the United States. The western part of Montana state consists of up several mountain ranges, while the eastern  part of Montana state  is known by the western prairie terrain and the badlands, having more mountain that ranges from one parts of the state to another..


 The economy in Montana state  is primarily dependent on agriculture, which includes ranching and cereal grain farming. The significant economic resources in Montana state include oil, coal mining, lumber and gas. The health care service in Montana state , and the government sectors also are very significant in the economy of the state. The fastest growing economic sector in Montana state is tourism,  having almost 13 million tourists visits annually to Glacier National Park, Beartooth Highway, Big Sky Resort, Yellowstone National Park, Flathead Lake, and other tourists attractions.


 Montana  came up from from the Spanish word Montaña, which on its own came up from the Latin word Montanea, which means "mountain" or on a more broad termed "mountainous country". The name Montana was included in 1863 to a bill by the United States House Committee on Territories for the territory that would become Idaho Territory.  Montana state was redefined by representatives Henry Wilson and Benjamin F. Harding, who complained Montana had "no meaning". In Montana state when Ashley came up with the bill to establish a temporary government in the year 1864 for a new territory to be brought out of the state of Idaho, he again chose Montana.  The names such as Shoshone were brought up as an opinion, which the Committee on Territories decided that they could name it whatever they wanted, so the original name of Montana was an adopted name


Montana state is one of the eight Mountain States of the united states, located in the north of the region that is referred to as the Western United States.   

Montana state in Wyoming is located in the south, Idaho is in the west and southwest of Montana state and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, are all situated in the northern parts of the state, making Montana state the only state to three Canadian provinces in the United State..


Montana state have an area of approximately 147,040 square miles, Montana state is slightly more larger than Japan. Montana state is one of the largest state in the United States after Alaska, Texas, and California; Montana state is the largest landlocked are of all the  U.S. state.