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Description of Kentucky, US

It's an Upper South state formally known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, located in southeastern the United States. A portion of Kentucky's northern border is made up of Illinois and Indiana; its eastern border is West Virginia; and its western border is Missouri. The Ohio River serves as the state's northern border. Frankfort is the state's capital, while Louisville and Lexington are the state's two largest cities. The estimated population of the state in 2020 was 4.5 million.

June 1, 1792 marked the day that Kentucky became the fifteenth state to join the Union. When it comes to horse racing, it's hard to imagine a place more closely associated with the thoroughbred than Kentucky, which is known as the "Bluegrass State" for its abundance of native Kentucky bluegrass. This resulted in the establishment of large tobacco plantations in the central and western portions of the state during the Antebellum South and Civil War eras, all of which relied on slave labor. Grain production is thirteenth in the state, while goat rearing is ranked fifth. In addition, Kentucky has long been a major hub for the tobacco industry. In today's economy, Kentucky's non-agricultural sectors, including automobile manufacturing, energy fuel production, and medical facilities, play an important role. Vehicle and truck manufacturing is ranked fourth in the United States.

At Mammoth Cave National Park you'll find not only the largest man-made reservoirs east of the Mississippi River but also a world-record-breaking cave system. Other notable aspects of Kentucky's history include horse racing and bourbon; the state park "My Old Kentucky Home"; automobile manufacturing; tobacco; bluegrass music; college basketball; Louisville Slugger baseball bats; Louisville Sluggers; and the state colonel.

Geographical description of Kentucky

The Southern Uplands are home to Kentucky. Appalachian Mountains cover a large swath of eastern Kentucky.

Kentucky shares its border with seven states from the Midwest and Southeast. West Virginia is located to the north of Indiana and Ohio. There are just two states with more bordering states than Missouri and Tennessee, which both have eight:

Northern and western borders of Kentucky are formed by the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, although the formal border is determined by the rivers' original courses when Kentucky became a state in 1792. Approximately two miles after crossing the Ohio River, U.S. 41 northbound from Henderson enters Kentucky (3.2 km). Ellis Park, Kentucky's only thoroughbred racetrack, may be found in this sliver of the Bluegrass State. Waterworks Road is the only land border separating Indiana from Kentucky.

A non-contiguous region known as the Kentucky Bend can be found in the state's far west. It is located in Fulton County, Missouri, and is completely surrounded by the states of Missouri and Tennessee. As of 2010, there were just 18 people living in this little sliver of Kentucky on the Mississippi River.

When the New Madrid earthquakes struck in 1811–12, the Mississippi River flowed backwards in numerous places around the epicenter. However, a series of earthquakes impacted the region's geology and harmed a small population at the time, the Kentucky Bend was not caused by the New Madrid earthquake.

Economy of Kentucky

Kentucky's agricultural prowess was well-known early on in the state's history. Since the high calcium content of the Bluegrass region's soil made it an ideal place for horse breeding (and later horse racing), it quickly became a popular destination for horse enthusiasts. At this time, Kentucky is ranked 5th for goat farming; 8th for cattle production; and 14th for corn production on the national scale. Even more importantly, Kentucky has historically served as an important centre of the tobacco industry, both in terms of business and tobacco cultivation.

The non-agricultural sectors of Kentucky's economy, such as automobile manufacture, energy fuel production, and medical facilities, have expanded in prominence.

Auto and truck assembly is Kentucky's fourth-largest industry, after only New York and California. Ford Escape, Ford Super Duty trucks, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Toyota Camry (Avalon), Toyota Avalon (Avalon), Toyota Solara, Toyota Venza (Venza), and Lexus ES 350 are all manufactured in Kentucky.

The coal industry in Kentucky has been in decline since the 1980s, and between 2011 and 2015, the number of people working in the coal industry in Kentucky declined by more than half.

In 2010, uranium rods from the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (the only domestic location for low-grade uranium enrichment) and 107,336 tons of coal from Kentucky's two coal basins accounted for 24% of the country's energy production (which combined produce 4 percent percent of the electricity in the United States).

Bourbon is aged in Kentucky in excess of 5.7 million barrels, which is more than the whole population of the state. The production of Kentucky bourbon increased by 170 percent between 1999 and 2015, indicating that the bourbon industry is growing. There were over fifty bourbon distilleries in Kentucky in 2019.

In 2012, Kentucky's exports to 199 other nations reached a record $22.1 billion.

More than 14,000 new jobs and $2.7 billion in new corporate investment were created in Kentucky in 2012, according to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, the state's major economic development agency. As a result of L'Oréal's investment in Northern Kentucky, the company created an additional 200 employment in Florence and Walton.

Within Kentucky's Bluegrass region lies the United States Army installation of Fort Knox, home of the nation's largest gold reserve, the United States Bullion Depository, which is situated between Louisville and Elizabethtown. The Army Human Resource Center of Excellence, the largest office facility in the state, was unveiled in May 2010 at Fort Knox (84,000 square meters). Military and civilian personnel total about 4,300.

United States Federal Penitentiary Big Sandy (in Martin County, near Inez) and United States Federal Penitentiary McCreary (in the south in McCreary County in the Daniel Boone National Forest).

In 2020, the country's GDP was $212.539 billion. It has a per-person income of $25,888 in 2017. It was estimated in 2011 that the state government's commitments exceeded its available assets by $26,300 per taxpayer, making the state the fifth-largest debtor.

Unemployment in the state is now at 3.9 percent. Kentucky had the nation's lowest cost of living in 2014, according to the Census Bureau.

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