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Fort Lyon Adams Colorado CO 81038
Hasty Adams Colorado CO 81044
Las Animas Adams Colorado CO 81054
Mc Clave Adams Colorado CO 81057


Colorado State


Colorado, a western U.S. state, features a various landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow-covered Rockies , which are partly protected by Rocky Mountain park . Elsewhere, Mesa Verde park features Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings. #Perched a mile above water level , Denver, Colorado’s capital and largest city, features a vibrant downtown area.


The human history of Colorado extends back quite 14,000 years. The region that's today the state of Colorado was first inhabited by Native American people. 

Westward expansion brought European settlers to the world and Colorado's recorded history began with treaties and wars with Mexico and American Indian nations to realize territorial lands to support the transcontinental migration. In the youth of the Colorado gold rush, Colorado was a Territory of Kansas and Territory of Jefferson. On Lammas , 1876, Colorado was admitted as a state, maintaining its territorial borders.

Sales Tax


The Colorado state nuisance tax rate is currently at 2.9%.


Colorado is joining of high elevation, mid latitude, and continental interior geography area leads to a dry, cool, and invigorating climate. the standard annual temperature for the state is 43.5 degrees Fahrenheit (F), which is 13.7 degrees below the worldwide mean.


The natural landscape range of Colorado is from the flat grass-covered eastern plains to the High Plains of the great Plains within the western portion of the state that structure the southern Rockies and therefore the Colorado Plateau . 

United States: The northern Mountain region.

Lack of water is that the dominant characteristic of Colorado’s eastern plains region.

The Climate

flatness, and layered rocks have produced fertile soils that only lack moisture.

About 50 miles (80 km) wide and 275 miles (440 km) long, the Colorado Piedmont may be a picturesque hilly to mountainous landscape sandwiched between the plains and therefore the mountains.

The ground cover, and climate provide conducive habitats for rabbits, waterfowl, pheasants, coyotes, deer, raccoon, and, on the arid foothills and Un irrigated uplands, rattlesnakes. 

Many species of birds prevail, of which the meadowlark, the crow, the dove, and therefore the western magpie are most numerous.

The major cities and therefore the wealthy farm areas both lie where the streams have broadened the valleys. Among the attractive features of the landscape is that the agglomeration of high, dramatically shaped red sandstone formations northwest of Colorado Springs referred to as the Garden of the Gods. 

The western half of Colorado are the large mountain upthrust, comprising much of the southern Rockies and now the Colorado Plateau , where mesas and mountain ranges alternate with broad intervening valleys and deep narrow canyons.

The drainage pattern from the Rockies is oriented by the mountains themselves, which form the watershed , the most watershed boundary of the continent. The region west of the divide is usually called the western slope.

The mountainous portion of Colorado comprises an excellent number of individual mountain ranges. In the north and northwest the Front Range, the drugs Bow Mountains, the Park Range, and therefore the television antenna Range are major uplifts, and Rocky Mountain park.