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Wilbur, OR - Postcode - 97494 - Postal Zip Code List


City or Location Wilbur
County or District Douglas
States or Territories Oregon
States or Territories Abbrieviation OR
Postcode or Zipcode 97494


Item Description
Latitude 43.3284
Longitude -123.3332



Wilbur - Postal Zip Code List

Wilbur is located in Douglas

Description of Oregon, US

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is a western state in the United States. Washington and Idaho share a large portion of Oregon's northern and eastern borders, respectively, thanks to the Columbia and Snake rivers. Calcutta and Nevada meet at the 42° north parallel on the southern border of California.

For centuries, Oregon has been home to a diverse population of indigenous peoples. European traders, explorers, and settlers first arrived on what is now the Pacific coast of Oregon in the early to mid-16th century. As early as 1564, ships from the Philippines began sailing northeast across the northern Pacific Ocean, following a round route along the Kuroshio Current. 1592 was the first year that Juan de Fuca spent exploring the Pacific Northwest's coastline, including the Oregon strait that bears his name. There were 250 Spanish ships in the same number of years, although several landed or were wrecked in what is now Oregon before reaching Cape Mendocino in California. The 1707 shipwreck of the San Francisco Xavier may be linked to Nehalem traditions about foreigners and the recovery of beeswax fragments and a silver vase with a lid.

When the Oregon Country declared itself independent in 1843 and the Oregon Territory was created in 1848, the state of Oregon was officially recognized. Oregon became the 33rd state of the United States on February 14, 1859. On 98,000 square miles of land, Oregon is the ninth-largest and the twenty-seventh-largest state in the United States (250,000 km2). Salem, Oregon's capital, has 169,780 residents, making it the state's second-most populous city. Portland is the 26th-largest city in the United States, with a population of 647,805. A total of 2,453,168 people live in the Portland-Vancouver, Washington metropolitan region, making it the 25th most populous in the United States.

Volcanoes, large bodies of water, lush evergreen and mixed forests, high deserts, and semi-arid shrublands abound in Oregon, making it one of the most diversified states in the union. The state's highest point, Mount Hood, is a stratovolcano at 3,429 meters (1,249 m). Located in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park is the only national park in the state and features the caldera encircling the deepest lake in the United States. Among the world's largest organisms is Armillaria ostoyae, a fungus that thrives in Oregon's Malheur National Forest.

Oregon's economy relies heavily on agriculture, fishing, and hydroelectric power because of its varied landscapes and waterways. In the contiguous United States, Oregon leads the pack in lumber production, and the industry dominated the state's economy for much of the twentieth century. As Tektronix and Intel grew in the 1970s, so did Silicon Forest, making it one of the state's most important economic engines. Nike, Inc., based in Beaverton, has an annual revenue of $30.6 billion, making it the largest publicly traded company in the state.

Geographical Description of Oregon

Both north and south are 295 miles (475 kilometers) in length, while east to west is 395 miles (636 kilometers). With a total area of 98,381 square miles, Oregon is larger than the United Kingdom (254,810 km2). The tenth-largest state in terms of land area in the United States is located here. With an elevation of 11,249 feet (3,429 meters), Oregon's highest point is Mount Hood's peak, which is located in Hood River. The state of Oregon has an average elevation of 3,300 feet above sea level (1,006 m). Only national park in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park, includes the deepest lake in the United States with a depth of 1,943 feet (592 m). According to Oregon and Montana, D River and the Roe River are the world's shortest rivers, respectively. It is the world's tiniest park, measuring just 452 square inches in Portland, Oregon (0.29 m2).

Oregon is divided into eight distinct regions. On the Oregon Coast (west of the Coast Range), there are the Willamette Valley, the Rogue Valley, the Cascade Range, and the Klamath Mountains. In Western Oregon. The Columbia Plateau, the High Desert, and the Blue Mountains can be found in Central and Eastern Oregon.

There are two time zones in Oregon. Mountain time is observed in most of Malheur County, whereas Pacific time is observed in most of the rest of Oregon.

Economy of Oregon

In 2015, Oregon ranked 17th in the US with a median household income of $60,834. According to GDP, Oregon's 2013 GDP was $219.6 billion, a 2.7% rise over 2012's figure. This places Oregon as the 25th wealthiest state in the country. In 2003, Oregon had the 28th-highest GDP of any state in the United States. The PCPI (Personal Consumption Income) for the state was $38,488 in 2013, up 1.5% from 2012. Oregon is now ranked 33rd out of 50 states by PCPI, down from 31st place in 2003. It was $44,765 for the national PCPI in 2013.

Oregon has a 5.5% unemployment rate in September 2016, compared to a 5% national unemployment rate. Food stamp beneficiaries in Oregon rank third in the United States (21 percent of the population).

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